Automate Key Processes and Drive New Initiatives

We Customize Your CRM solution to Meet Your Business Needs



What More Could Your Franchisees Accomplish if Key Processes Were Automated?

When repeatable tasks are automated, you’ll be able to focus on strategy and scaling your franchise.

Cultivate leads, customize sales messaging, optimize production, and communicate well.

We know there are plenty of vendors out there that can help franchisors run their business. But vetting vendors and understanding their solutions can quickly become confusing and just one more thing to manage. Wouldn’t it be better to have all the tools you need integrated in a way that simplifies execution?

Automation plays a large role in a franchisor’s ability to grow. Our processes supercharge your lead management, sales, operations, and customer service. We work with you to understand exactly what solutions your franchise needs, and test, test, and test again until it works exactly right.

We’ll train your franchise system, provide on-going dedicated support, and continue to work with your franchisor level support team to develop and roll out new initiatives. This is traction!

How Does Automation Accelerate Growth?

Your franchise goals and strategy are built into the process.

Automation helps franchisees execute your strategy effectively and consistently.

Franchisees success is based on their ability to execute a proven model. If you have business model clarity and a proven strategy, but lack the effective tools franchisees need, processes weaken and growth stalls. A system that supports automating tasks lets franchisees get more done faster, better, and shows that you know what they need to do the job right.

Franchisees who believe in your leadership are more likely to follow your strategy well. Automation lightens their to-do list, teaches them to manage all aspects of the business, and strengthens their weaknesses. Every franchisee is unique; some excel at sales while others know the ins and outs of operations. Automation raises everyone’s ability to execute, and makes sure every franchisee is set up for success.

Automation Powered by the Best In Class Software Solutions

Here are just some of the software platforms we use to build your custom solution

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A Middleman That Paves the Way

Increase Franchisee Satisfaction, Skyrocket Growth, and Drive Your Business Forward.

Usually the middleman gets a bad rap. They cause bottlenecks and frustration, slowing things down instead of speeding them up and making them better. But when it comes to driving your franchise system forward, a middleman plays a critical role.

25 Forty Co. acts as the middleman between your business strategy and CRM solutions. We speak the language of franchisors and software support. We know how to enhance your CRM so it eliminates shortcomings and powers your ability to drive sales and grow.

We started 25 Forty Co. to help franchise systems succeed at all levels.

For a franchise to grow, it needs clarity, strategy, automation and execution. To help do that, we provide you with a superpowered CRM Solution, ongoing support and training, and clear, actionable guidance.

We not only understand the problems franchisors face, we have experienced them firsthand … and solved them. We understand success at all levels of franchising – from the single unit level to multi-unit franchisee, as a master franchisor and franchisee coach. We’ve spent thousands of hours training franchisees and we’re just getting started.

We Understand What Franchisors Need to Optimize Business Demands

Franchisee Anna Arsenault
Rick and his team are incredible! 25 Forty Co. understands my business. They’re impressively quick to respond to my MANY questions - it took the stress off. I knew that if I had a problem it would be resolved with ease. Rick made it so my daily job was successful because he cared about my business as if it was his own.
Anna Arsenault
Franchisee Russ Yeager
I’ve been a franchisee for 15 years and one of the hardest things is keeping up with client communication. I’ve had CRMs in the past and they were only ok. What 25 Forty Co. put together is incredible; it makes our lives so much easier. What they created for my business is exactly what I wanted but I didn’t have the time to do it myself as a busy business owner.
Russ Yeager
Franchisor Karen Broadwater
Working with Rick and his team at 25 Forty Co. has added great value to our day-to-day operations. Their quick response time, campaign support and ability to truly understand our needs are just some of the ways they've become a vital asset to us. We never hesitate to connect our franchisee staff to Rick and his team because we know they will always be in good hands!
Karen Broadwater

We're Franchise Automation Experts and Have a Plan that Works

The 25 Forty Co. Franchise Action Plan

The first thing we’ll do is schedule a Discovery Call to learn as much as we can about your business. We’ll ask lots of questions so we can understand your needs and goals.

Once we’re aligned, we move on to the following steps.

Clarify and map your business model strategy

We'll work with you and your team to clarify and map your franchise model and strategy.

Build and optimize your system

We'll build the logic, integrations, and processes into a CRM solution we custom design for your business.

Train and Support

We'll provide ongoing training and support to make sure you and your franchisees are confident about how your system works.

Set Your Franchisees Up for Short Term Gains and Long-Term Success

What will success look like for your franchise?
  • Fuel franchise growth by clarifying strategy and automating execution
  • Identify conversion bottlenecks with detailed reporting
  • Make educated decisions about where to focus resources
  • Enjoy flexibility as franchises scale
  • Deliver a business model that can be executed with precision
  • Accomplish more in less time
  • Focus on what’s important
  • Experience higher franchisee engagement
  • See value immediately as processes are simplified
  • Create an executable roadmap
  • Deliver exceptional customer experiences
  • Accelerate ROI
  • Build synergy and momentum