Strategy and CRM Solutions That Transform The Lives Of Your Franchisees

Discover the NEW WAY to provide your franchise system the tools and support they need to automate sales, marketing, and customer satisfaction.


Get crystal clear on the business model, and identify opportunities to improve conversion rates, the customer experience, and the operator experience.


Leverage automation to execute the business model. Franchisees stay focused and maximize efficiency so they drive better results faster.


With a clear strategy, and powerful and effective automation tools, your franchisees will be set up for success, and your franchise system will be primed to scale.

Is Your CRM Solution Fueling Franchisee Success and Unit Growth ... or Preventing It?

Your CRM and automation tools should be giving your franchisees an advantage over their competition for customers, and giving prospective new operators a compelling reason to join your brand.

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Transform Your System into a Franchise Powerhouse

Join a small group of elite franchise professionals for a master class on transforming your franchise system

Why Most Franchise CRMs Underperform

Most CRMs Underperform Because Franchisors and Software Vendor Support Don’t Speak the Same Language.

As a result, often the CRM’s capabilities end up driving business strategy.  Read that again.

That’s not just backwards – it’s wrong.

At 25 Forty Co., we understand the obstacles franchises need their CRMs to overcome. We know how to guide software support, and which tools and integrations to use to execute an effective solution. When you and your CRM speak the same language, you’ll be able to focus on strategy and growth.

Vendors are Great … Sometimes.

We eliminate the need for dealing directly with too many vendors and different software solutions.

So many moving parts leads to confusion, miscommunication, and paralysis.

Franchising is a complex, dynamic business. There is no shortage of vendors (which only complicates things), and too often they try to fix franchise-specific problems with mass market solutions that don’t work.  Software vendors simply don’t have the experience necessary to plan and execute effectively with franchisors, nor to support their operators.  This leads to inefficient and ineffective systems, and poor buy in from operators … in other words, a system that is holding your brand back.

25 Forty Co. removes the hassle, frustration, and paralysis that comes with trying to determine which platforms to use and how to integrate them with each other. We’ll help you build it the right way, so that your operators can effectively manage sales, operations, and customer experiences.

Clarify and optimize your business strategy, improve workflows with automation, and empower your franchisees to execute.

A Middleman That Paves the Way

Increase Franchisee Satisfaction, Skyrocket Growth, and Drive Your Business Forward.

Usually the middleman gets a bad rap. They cause bottlenecks and frustration, slowing things down instead of speeding them up and making them better. But when it comes to driving your franchise system forward, a middleman plays a critical role.

25 Forty Co. acts as the middleman between your business strategy and CRM solutions. We speak the language of franchisors and software support. We know how to enhance your CRM so it eliminates shortcomings and powers your ability to drive sales and grow.

Happy Franchisees Sell Franchises.

Powerful and Easy-to-Use Systems Increase Profitability and Simplify Operations.

Happy franchisees and a systemic advantage fuel unit growth for the franchisor.

Trusted by Franchisors, Franchisees, and Vendors

Satisfied franchisor, Stephanie Hu
It's overwhelming to know how to talk to contacts, when to communicate, and to have time to do this for every person. 25 Forty Co. takes this off our plate as the franchisor as well as off the franchisee's plate so they can focus on providing a great service.
Stephanie Hu
Picture of satisfied franchisees, Robin and Rick Coe
Many companies talk a good game when it comes to CRM systems, 25 Forty Co. understands our franchise model. They have enabled us to work on our business while their customized, automated system engages our clients.
Robin and Rick Coe
Picture of satisfied client, Tyler Warden
As a vendor partner we work with 25 Forty Co. on backend integrations and tech for our clients. I’m not sure there’s anybody who goes to a further depth to understand the needs of what the client needs and wants than Rick and his team.
Tyler Warden

Automate and optimize your system, run it better than your competitor’s, and take the guesswork out of your day to day.

The 25 Forty Co. Franchise Action Plan

The first thing we’ll do is schedule a Discovery Call to learn as much as we can about your business. We’ll ask lots of questions so we can understand your needs and goals.

Once we’re aligned, we move on to the following steps.

Clarify and map your business model strategy

We'll work with you and your team to clarify and map your franchise model and strategy.

Build and optimize your system

We'll build the logic, integrations, and processes into a CRM solution we custom design for your business.

Train and Support

We'll provide ongoing training and support to make sure you and your franchisees are confident about how your system works.

Set Your Franchisees Up for Short Term Gains and Long-Term Success

What will success look like for your franchise?
  • Fuel franchise growth by clarifying strategy and automating execution
  • Identify conversion bottlenecks with detailed reporting
  • Make educated decisions about where to focus resources
  • Enjoy flexibility as franchises scale
  • Deliver a business model that can be executed with precision
  • Accomplish more in less time
  • Focus on what’s important
  • Experience higher franchisee engagement
  • See value immediately as processes are simplified
  • Create an executable roadmap
  • Deliver exceptional customer experiences
  • Accelerate ROI
  • Build synergy and momentum